Increase your quality of life by eliminating ingredients your body can’t absorb

Experiencing headaches, nausea, bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, skin diseases, or are you constantly feeling weary and tired? These are just a few symptoms of allergies, intolerances, or hypersensitivity. We provide a simple test for you to identify potential causes from which you can make diet or lifestyle changes to alleviate those symptoms.

No doctor’s appointment needed, simply send us 3-4 strands of hair and we will do the rest. Watch the below video on how to take the test.

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Send us your hair and let us do the rest! Testing your intolerances and sensitivities with no doctor’s appointment!

Our non-invasive intolerance test uses the latest technology that only requires you to send a few strands of hair to us for analysis. You will get your results emailed in a PDF within 72 hours upon test receipt.

Our test is the most comprehensive test available for home use and tests your sample against over 750 different food and non food items (complete list here)! For example, we test foods such as wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose, and nuts as well as non-food items such as pollen, cat, and dust mites.

A non-invasive alternative to traditional intolerance and sensitivity testing and screening.


The market’s most comprehensive screening results. All results include items that are identified and showing a score of  85% and higher. After performing several thousands of tests, we now know that this specific percentage represents the crucial point when most symptoms occur. Your hair sample is tested against over 750 food and non-food items!


An extensive easy-to-understand report

The report shows what ingredients your body reacts to (intolerances). There is also a short description of the ingredients that have tested positive. We also include a metal test and a nutrition deficiency report.

Your chance to improve your quality of life

We are all unique and have different sensitivities toward food and non-food items. Apply your results from our test to your daily life and start seeing results by way of a higher quality of life. There’s hardly a better investment in yourself.

Order now. In four easy steps.

Step 1

Order our test online, and pay easily with well-known payment providers.

Step 2

Download our test form, print it out and fill in.

Step 3

Take a hair sample and mail it to our lab per the instructions on the test form.

Step 4

Get your test report via e-mail within 72 hours upon test receipt, delivered in PDF format in English.
Stop the guesswork. Get your answers today.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What's included in my test?
The test includes one intolerance test, one nutritional deficincey test and one metal test. Your intolerance test results include all items that have shown a score of 85% and higher. After completing thousands of tests, we now know that 85% is the turning point where symptoms begin to develop into an allergy/intolerance.
What should I do with my test results?
To increase your quality of life you should, over a period of 4–6 weeks, completely exclude the items your body is intolerant to. During this time your body will get the peace and quiet it needs in order to repair itself. After this period you can either take a new test to be sure your body is “ready”, or, gradually and in small increments reintroduce the items to see if there is any reaction. As for the nutrients you may be missing, we recommend that you follow our dietary guidelines and make sure that your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.
How do your tests compare to blood samples?
In addition to being less invasive and significantly cheaper, your last meal may affect the results of a blood sample, whereas a hair sample has the information stored for a longer period and reflects a wider time frame.
How do I take a hair sample?
The safest way to take a hair sample is by asking someone to help you. First, brush your hair upwards to get easy access to the hair roots and the back of your head. Hold a small amount of hair between your finger and thumb, and cut the hair as close to the scalp as possible (without pulling any blood). If you do not have someone who can help you, please use a mirror to avoid accidentally hurting yourself.
How do I submit my hair sample?
When your order is successfully completed, instructions will be sent to your email along with your receipt (i.e. we will not send test kits). Simply take 4–5 hair strands from your scalp, put them in an envelope along with a completed form (instructions are emailed post order).
My hair is dyed. Will this affect the results?
No, we test the composition of the hair sample, so the hair dye will not affect your test results.
How much hair do I need to submit?
Only a small amount; 5 individual strands. We don’t require clumps of hair.
What's the difference between allergy, hypersensitivity, and intolerance?
There is quite a big difference between being allergic, intolerant, or hypersensitive to a substance however, the symptoms often resemble each other. For those who get ill from their diet, it may feel equally bad. The devil is known by many names, some might say. Our test results will shed a light on what intolerances you might have, in other words, which ingredients to avoid. An intolerance may pass after a period of time, while an allergy lasts for life.

Can children take the test?
Unfortunately, we don’t recommend the test for anyone below the age of 5. Younger children have not yet built up their tolerance levels, and this can give false results in the lab.
Can animals/pets take the test?
Yes they can. Pets can suffer from similar intolerances as humans. Please read more and order a pet allergy test here.
Where are the samples tested?
Currently, the tests are processed in our test facility in the UK and in Australia. We are also considering opening a center in the United States. Once the hair samples have arrived at our test facility, you can expect to receive your results within 72 hours upon test receipt.
How do I purchase an intolerance test from you?
Tests can be easily ordered on our website. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.


So far we have conducted more than  400.000 tests throughout our global network, and the positive feedback we have received from our customers is overwhelming. Below, you’ll find a selection of the positive effects our customers have experienced where significant life changes have occurred as a direct consequence of our intolerance test (some of the customers’ stories have been edited, translated, and illustrated for clarity and length).

Irritable bowel syndrome

“I decided to do an intolerance test after years of digestive problems (IBS). I was told that I was intolerant of millet and oats. So after having eaten whole grain bread my whole life, I had to abandon it. Now I take dietary supplements for my vitamin B, vitamin D and potassium deficiencies. I can hardly believe the difference, and my symptoms have practically vanished after I stopped eating whole grains. I’d always assumed it was wheat and milk, but those foods are okay. I highly recommend this company.”


Migraine and headache

“I’ve been sick for as long as I can remember. The worst are my bouts of headache, which never seem to let go. I get these at school and at work, and they make me stop functioning in daily life. My dear mother bought me a test last Christmas (haha, I know how it sounds), but I took her up on it and sent some hair for analysis. The test showed me I was intolerant to cats (!). I’ve always had cats … Initially, I tried to stay away from my cats over a period of time, and the headaches disappeared. At least now I know what the problem is!”

Vickan, 55

Digestive disorders

“Doctor wanted to perform a surgery to find out why I couldn’t gain weight, but my mom found this test online, so we quickly submitted a test. The results came back within 7 days and showed a lot of things I had eaten. We followed the meal plan and, with their suggestions, I gained weight … finally! So happy, thank you so much.”

Sarah, 19

Chronic headache

“I get headaches every day, or at least I used to get it before I did the test. I quickly sent away my hairs and then I followed their plan. I don’t get headaches anymore and I feel better already.” Patricia, 55

Acne problems

“My acne struggles came to full bloom in my teens and I’ve tried everything to treat my acne. Sadly, nothing worked until a friend tipped me about I was a bit skeptical at first … The process was very quick, because you download the test form and can submit your test the same day. I got my results within five days and it suggested I should remove everything that was on the list from my diet for at least four weeks. After two weeks had gone by, my skin was less oily and irritated. And after four weeks I almost couldn’t believe the results. I would recommend the test to anyone who has acne problems! I am super happy!”



“My son Cory, who’s 8 years old, was diagnosed with psoriasis in March 2014. His doctor sent us home with prescriptions for lots of different steroid creams. Only one worked, but it made his skin irritated and sensitive. We tried to eliminate various food products to see if it would help. But without knowing exactly what was bad for him, it was very difficult to find out what was the culprit. I searched online for food intolerance tests and found After we got the results, we removed the items on the list from his diet, and within a week we began to see the difference. The psoriasis patches healed from within. We plan to continue following the list. Cory is so happy he’s not scratching and hurting anymore, so he doesn’t mind making some sacrifices in his diet.”

Irritating fatigue

“I was diagnosed with fatigue and had to take leave from work (which doesn’t work because I’m self-employed). I needed a quick solution, so I searched online and found and submitted a hair sample for my entire family. I had gluten intolerance and have now stopped eating it, and I feel much better. Thanks so much.”

Pauline, 25


“I was sick of always needing a lot of sleep to function, so I went to the doctor who said I needed to readjust my vitamin intake. I wanted to know what I needed, so I bought a test. The results suggested that I needed more fruit. I have changed my diet, and already I feel awake and alert. Thank you very much, your test took away the tedious guesswork.”

Allan, 65

Joint pain

“Hi, my name is Amy and I found through Google when I was searching for anything that could alleviate my inflamed joints. I found out that it could be a food intolerance, so I sent a hair sample and the results showed that I was intolerant of all sorts of nuts. I have stopped eating nuts completely, and my nightly sleeps have been dramatically improved. No other test was close to this precision.”

Amy, 37

Understand your body. Stop guessing. Order an intolerance test today.