Immune System Booster Programme

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You may be feeling anxious about your health at this moment in time and you are doing everything possible to try and stay protected. The current virus presents many uncertainties.

The one certainty is we know we have a battle ahead. We cannot eliminate our risk but we can be prepared and help ourselves by boosting our immune system.

If you happen to contract any virus, your immune system will be the first line of defence. It is responsible for the fightback. Research has confirmed that improving your nutrition helps support optimal immune function.




We have worked extensively to create and provide you with the best possible immune-boosting supplements supplied in a great tasting chewable gummy delivered straight to your door. You’ll receive 60 chewable vitamins equivalent to 30 days supply.

PLUS… You also receive a Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Report (worth £67) which we advise you to take near the end of your supplement programme which details your key vitamin and mineral levels via a painless, at-home hair test sample which you send to us via the kit supplied.


  • Testing kit with instructions
  • 24 vitamin and mineral imbalance test
  • Fast turn around results within 5 working days
  • General Health aftercare advice
  • 100% Money back guarantee

AND… You will also receive a report accompanying your vitamin deficiency results that advise you of your next steps to maintain your optimal immunity levels (worth £25).


We supply a quick five day turn around on results! When you know which vitamins and minerals are absent or imbalance in your body then it’s a simple process of consuming foods high in these vitamins and minerals or taking a supplement to re-balance out your immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals. People have noticed a drastic improvement in only a short space of time after introducing foods high in these vitamins or supplements to top up the deficiencies. Take action today!

Please note:

The Immune System Booster Programme is brought to you in association with Omega4Wellness. All packaging and reports are branded accordingly.

Looking for additional programmes?

We supply the Immune System Booster Programme for Couples. Learn more about the Immune System Booster Programme for Couples here.

Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B4
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
Vitamin D1
Vitamin E

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    3 reviews for Immune System Booster Programme

    1. Joseph Baxter

      I purchased this programme for my wife who is a nurse. We have both had tests carried out previously so we are really excited to use this new product and see the benefits!!

    2. Pamela Hanzus

      Great Value for money, not many packages like this on the market. Bought for me and my family.

    3. Susie B

      Started taking the vitamins 4 days ago. As a vegan its hard to find natural products that can assist you like these. Looking forward to being tested in the coming days

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