Vegan Intolerance Test (450 items)


Send us your hair and let us do the rest! Testing your intolerances and sensitivities with no Doctor visits! A non-invasive alternative to traditional intolerance and sensitivity testing and screening.

If you believe your food is affecting your health, this is the test for you. By using the latest technology we analyse 4-5 strands of hair and test it for over 450 food and non-food items. We also scan the same hair for any nutritional deficiencies your body might have and the most common metals, in order for you to change your diet or get supplements to be the best you. We are all unique and you deserve to know what your body wants!

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450 Vegan Food Items & Non-Foods Tested

We use your submitted hair sample to test against over 450 different Vegan food and non-food items to see which item will cause a reaction due to an intolerance.

What are we testing?

  • 450 of the most common Vegan food and non-food items

The test results will be delivered in a PDF document where your intolerances and deficiencies are presented in a tabular form.

How to take the test?

Send us your hair and let us do the rest! Testing your intolerances and sensitivities with no Doctor visits!

A non-invasive alternative to traditional intolerance and sensitivity testing and screening.

Acai Berry Bread – Wholemeal & Brown Cocoa Powder Flaxseed Lime Blossom Tea Oregano Quince Sugar (Beet) Water Chestnuts
Acetic Acid Bread, White Bread Coconut Galia Melon Linseeds Oyster Mushrooms Quinoa Sugar, Brown (Natural) Watercress
Agave Broccoli Coconut Oil Garlic Lobster Sauce Oyster Sauce Radish Sugar, White Water-Melons
Alcohol Brussels Sprouts Coffee (Black) Gin Loquat Fruit Papaya Raisins Sunflower Oil Wax Gourd
Ale Buckwheat Coix Seed Ginger Lychee Paprika Raspberries Sunflower Seeds Waxberry Fruit
Almond Butter Lettuce Cola Gluten Mace Herb Parsley Red Wine Swede Wheat
Amaranth Button Mushroom Cole Rape Cabbage Gooseberries Macedamia Parsnip Rice Sweet Chestnut Wheat Flour
Aniseed Cabbage Coriander Grapefruit Maize Flour Passionfruit Rice Cake Sweet Corn Wheat, Whole Grain
Apple Juice Cacao Corn Meal Grapes (Red) Mallow Tea Pasta Rice Flour Sweet Potato Whisky
Apples Capsicum (Green) Cornflakes Grapes (White) Malt Peaches Rice-Brown Tapioca White Bean
Apricots Capsicum (Red) Courgette Green Coffee Beans Mandarin Peanuts Roasted Nuts Taro Vegetable White Wine
Artichoke Capsicum (Yellow) Cranberries Guar Guar Gum Mango Pears Rock Candy Tarragon Yams
Asparagus Carambola (Star Fruit) Cranberry Juice Guava Mangosteen Fruit Peas Rocket Tea – Earl Grey Yeast
Aubergine Caraway Cress Hawthorn Fruit Maple Syrup Pecan Nuts Romaine Lettuce Tea – Jasmine Yellow Grapefruit
Avocado Cardomom Cucumber Hazel Nuts Marjoram Pepper (Black) Root Beer Tea – Marshmallow
Balsam Pear Carrots Cultivated Oats Head Lettuce Matzo Pepper (Green) Rosehip Tea Tea – Oolong
Bamboo Shoots Cashew Nuts Cultivated Rye Honeydew Melon Millet Pepper (Red) Rosemary Tea – Rooibos
Bananas Cauliflower Cultivated Wheat Horse Radish Mint Pepper (White) Rum Tea – White
Barley Cauliflower Cumin Iceberg Lettuce Molasses Peppermint Oil Runner Beans Tea (Black/Normal, I.E. Not Green)
Barley Flour Cayenne Pepper Currants (Red, Black Etc.) Jack Fruit Mushrooms Pine Nuts Rye Tea (Green)
Basil Celery Curry Jujube Fruit Mustard Pineapple Rye Flour Tempeh
Bay Leaf Chamomile Tea Damson Kale Needle Mushroom Pineapple Juice Sage Tequila
Bean Paste Champagne Dates Kamut Noodles Pink Grapefruit Salt Thyme
Beans (Broad) Cherries Dill Kelp Seaweed Nutmeg Pistachio Seitan Tofu
Beans (Green) Chestnut Mushroom Dinkel Flour Kidney Beans Oat Flour Plums Semolina Tomato
Beans, Lima Chestnuts Dried All Spice Berries Kiwis Oats Pomegranate Juice Sesame Seeds Triticale
Beer Chickpeas Durian Fruit Kohlrabi Okra Pomegranates Shitake Mushroom Turmeric
Beets Chicory Edamame Beans Lager Olive Oil Porridge Oats Soy Sauce Turnip
Bilberries Chilli Pepper Endive Leaf Lettuce Olives (Black) Portobello Mushroom Soya Bean Vanilla Bean
Blackberries Chilli Sauce Escarole Lettuce Leek Olives (Green) Potatoes Soybean Paste Vegetable Oil
Blackcurrants Chinese Cabbage Fennel Lemonade Onion Prunes Spelt Vinegar (Clear)
Blueberries Chinese Liquor Fennel Seed Lemons Onions Pu ‘Er Tea Spinach Vinegar (Malt)
Bran Cinnamon Fenugreek Lentils Orange Juice Pumpkin Sticky Rice Vodka
Brazil Nuts Clove Figs Lime Oranges Pumpkin Seeds Strawberries Walnuts
Agaric Mushroom Dahlia (Dahlia Hybrida) Horses Mugwort Stinging Nettle
Alder Dandelion Hyacinth (Endymion Non Scriptus) Mulberry Bush Sweet Gum
Algae Douglas Fir Italian Cypress Tree Narcissus (Narcissus Spp.) Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxanthum Odoratum)
American Beech Downy Birch (Betula Verrico) Japanese Cedar Nettle Tall Oat Grass (Arrhenaterium Elatius)
Anise Duck Feathers Japanese Millet Nylon Thistle Plant
Aspen (Populus Tremula) Dust Jasmine Plant Oak (Quercus Robur) Timothy Grass
Aspergillus Fumigatus Elder Plant Johnson Grass Paloverde Tobacco
Aspergillus Niger Elm (Ulmus Glabra) Juniper Bush Pear Tree Ulocladium Chartarum
Aster English Plantain Kammgras (Cynosurus Cristatus) Penicillium Frequentans Velvet
Bermuda Grass Epicoccum Purpurascens Karaya Gum Penicillium Notatum Velvet Grass
Birch Pollen Eucalyptus Latex Pepper Tree Wallflower (Cheranthus Cheiri)
Bovines False Acacia (Robinia Pseudacacia) Laurel Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne) Water Reed (Phragmites Communis)
Box Elder False Oat Grass Lemon Verbena Perfume Weeping Fig
Bracken Ficus Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) Pigweed (Chenopodium Album) White Ash
Brome Grass Finch Feathers Linden Tree Pine, Scottish (Pinus Sylvestris) White Pine
Buttercup Flower Firebush Lotus Root Plantain (Plantago Major) Wild Oat (Avena Fatua)
Canary Grass Formaldehyde Lovage Poplar Tree Wild Rye Grass
Castor Bean Foxtail Millet Lupine (Lupinus Polyphyllus) Primrose (Primulus) Willow Tree
Casuarina Austrian Pine Fungus/Mould (Household) Lycopodium Privet (Ligustrum Spp.) Wool
Cedar Fusarium Moniliforme Lycra Ragweed Plant Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)
Chaetomium Globosum Giant Ragweed Maize (Zea Mays) Rapeseed
Chrysanthemum Glaskraut (Parietaria Judaica) Marguerite (Leucanthemum Vulgare) Rose Plant
Cladosproium Herbarum Goldenrod (Solidago Virgaurea) Meadow Fescue (Festuca Pratensis) Rubber
Clover Grey Alder Meadow Fox Tail Grass Rye Grass
Common Reed Gum Arabic Meadow Grass Salt Grass
Common Silver Birch Hawthorn Tree Melaleuca Silk
Cotton Crop Hazel Tree Mesquite Spruce (Picea Abies)
Cotton Seed Hop (Humulus Lupulus) Misteltoe Plant Stachybotrys
Cotton Wool Horse Chestnut Plant Mountain Juniper Stemphylium Botryosum

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